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Look Guiding Tablet

The future looks bright!

The Look! is an innovative multimedia player designed to enrich your tours and exhibition visits with images, videos, and cutting-edge interactive technologies.

Now you can easily create personalised and immersive experiences to make your project’s vision come alive. Our advanced hardware and powerful content management system are designed to meet your most stringent operational and creative requirements.

The Look! is the ideal complete solution for your next project.

Answering the challenges

The future of museum and exhibition visits is increasingly technical and multimedia-focused. It is personalised, interactive and has rigorous demands for performance. In order to meet these challenges, a multimedia guide solution must provide:

Hardware that answers advanced technical and functional requirements while sustaining intensive usage and distribution constraints.

A content management system that makes it easy to programme, maintain and update projects that integrate the latest multimedia tools and interactive technologies.

The Look! delivers the above and beyond

Our Software

• Powerful content management system (CMS)
• User-friendly and customisable interface
• Easy programming of audio, video, 3D experiences, augmented reality and educational games
• Remote system maintenance
• Automatic content update

Our Hardware

• Modern and ergonomic design
• Rugged drop protective case
• Long autonomy (15+ hours)
• Modular magnetic charging system
• Powerful processor (Hexa core)
• Large battery (6000 mAh)
• Tropicalised circuit board for outdoor usage
• Integrated IR triggering and RF

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