Inspire Your Visitors

Look Multimedia Technology

Answering the challenges

Multiple media

The screen can display text, images, video, or a combination of these. It can also integrate 3D applications.

Customised applications

Customised applications can be developed including 3D animations, augmented realities and interactive applications such as educational games for student visitors.

Personalized visits

Different themes can be chosen by the visitors according to their interests, age and level.

Usage statistics

Via WiFi, sites can automatically get useful feedbacks from questionnaires and usage statistics.

Tours for hearing impaired

In partnership with leading providers of sign language information, we can create specialized sign language tours for those with hearing impairments.

Customised Design

The guide’s Look! and on-screen graphics offer multiple customization possibilities in order to suit each site’s unique image and feel.

PowerSwift modular charging system

Modular battery charging system composed of multiple 10-unit movable towers.

Easy programming

The Look! offers an online CMS (Content Management System) allowing the authoring, management and programming of the exhibition structure and multimedia content.

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