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Look Multimedia at Integrated Systems Europe Expo 2018

Look at Integrated Systems Europe Expo It was a big success for Look at ISE. Many visitors showed tremendous interest in the Spotphonics Product...

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Look Multimedia International Eye Logo

Look Multimedia International is Here

Look Multimedia International is a new venture from RSF International to bring in innovative AV technologies to the museums and exhibitions world. Two product...

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TEM, Touring Exhibitions Meeting, Munich 2017

RSF International is a proud sponsor of TEM The 5th edition of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting will be held on July 7th–8th 2017 at...

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Agencia Catalana del patrimoni Cultural

The Agencia Catalana del patrimoni Cultural has order RSF´s guides for different sites. 100 Basics for the Ruins of Empúries,  In Catalonia, northern Spain, a place...

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF HUMANKIND, Bundenkusthalle, Germany

A Brief History of Humankind is the subtitle of the bestselling book by the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari that sets the narrative structure of...

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