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Green Credentials

At Look2innovate we care about the environment, and have put several systems in place to ensure that we reduce our carbon-footprint as much as possible.

  • We switched our delivery service for mainland Europe and UK deliveries to TNT, a carbon-neutral company for these areas.
  • We encourage telework and the use of video-conferencing whenever possible.  Up to 30% of the working days of our employees are performed from home.
  • We actively promote car-sharing between employees and made available facilities for employees to cycle to work.  Up to 60% of our employees’ commuting is either car-sharing or cycling.
  • We have reduced the use of paper in our office by 30%.

And most importantly:

The products that we produce are built to last. It will not be necessary to put them in a landfill site after 4 years (or less!).

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