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Look Philosophy


At Look2innovate we place a huge value on reliability. We understand that technology isn’t the most important thing in a typical museum; and it should blend seamlessly into the background of the visitor’s experience. Museum staff wants exhibits to work, and stay working without constant intervention.

By design, our products are made to work, and to stay working for years: For example, we use high-quality components for all elements of our products (including PSUs), and have eliminated mechanical parts in favour of solid-state technology.

We are proud of our exemplary reliability record, and systematically offer an optional 5-year warranty on our range!

Taking care of the details

We have extensive experience in installing projects, and have developed our products accordingly. Our goal is to ensure that our products are easy to program and install, and that the installer will not be stuck on site because he /she is missing some needed specialized tools, and a spare hour or two to put it all together.

For instance, our Look tablet’s Content Management System (CMS) is user friendly and allows remote updates of the content.  Our Look tablet’s modular charging system is ‘plug and play’, and our Spotphonics directional speakers ‘active’, ready to play!

Time is money and details are important.

Total cost of ownership

Closely related to the subject of taking care of the details, we have engineered our products to have a comparatively low total cost of ownership over the long term. While the initial purchase price may not always be the cheapest available, this investment will pay for itself and more over time due to our reliability, reduced installation time, and especially very low handling and operational costs.

For example, the Look tablet’s double battery capacity ensures a full-day operation without the need for recharging, and can therefore be distributed self-service! This is an enormous saving in personnel costs…