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Look History

Look International is a newly established entity which brings over 20-years of AV multimedia experience to the field of museum exhibitions. Our innovative products are synonymous with reliability, adaptability, and ease of use and we have a structure in place to continue our success story for many decades to come.

Look Philosophy

At Look, we strive for innovation in the multimedia field and design products with unique functionalities and applications.  Today we offer 2 product lines:

The Spotphonics directional speakers, the widest and most comprehensive range in the field, and

The Look! Android multimedia player, the first professional solution that combines heavy-duty hardware with the latest in software applications.

We are constantly seeking the latest technologies and seamlessly integrating them into our products and applications in order to keep enhancing your visitors’ audiovisual experiences.

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Why choose Look International?

Reliability, easy-handling, and maintenance are important criteria in the development of our products: our customers’ staff want exhibits to work and stay working without repeated interventions.

We source high-quality components with low tolerances from reputable manufacturers, often paying many times more than the price of cheap, generic components to guarantee a final product that works well, and works continuously.

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