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Spotphonics Directional Speaker Technology

Innovative sound technology

Higher Quality Sound

Until recently directional speaker technology did not allow for high-quality sound and lacked low frequencies. With Spotphonics, the sound quality is comparable with standard speakers and is highly audible up to 20 meters away!

Reduced Noise Pollution

Spotphonics offers high-directionality speakers of approximately a 10-degree angle; an ideal solution to limit sound pollution.

Plug and Play

The Spotphonics directional speakers are very easy to install: Everything is provided, and all that is needed is a power source and a line input.

Solid Build

All our products are designed for absolute reliability and for 24/7 operation. They are burn-tested and compliant with CE and ROHS requirements. A 2-year warranty is offered as standard.

Multiple Models

We now offer a choice of models to provide distinct solutions for various applications and budgets. Model features include wall-mounted, swivel-based, all-in-ready-to-go, and wide-reach.

Elegant Design

The refined aesthetic format of our products makes them a sophisticated low-profile sound solution in their environment.

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